Lyla Aguilar Valenzuela

Lyla Aguilar Valenzuela

Lyla Aguilar Valenzuela

México |

Date of Birth :


Place of Birth:

October 13,1964



Marital Status:

Number of Children (up to 18 years): none




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Employed since

Date of CV




September 25, 2017

Function: Reports to (Name): Position/Level:
Development and Technical Support Manager for Mexico and PACA (Andean Pact and Central America)

Bayer Cropscience/ Environmental Science

Luis Fernando Macul  Development and Technical Support


Mexico & PACA

(VS 1.3)

Responsible of leading Development and Technical Support Team and provide service to Mexico and PACA environmental Science business. Development of Global, Regional and local innovation projects and product portfolio.
Education: Languages: (mother-tongue/fluent/working knowledge/basic knowledge)
·       Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science. UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 1985-1989)

·       Diploma in Management and Leadership Skills ( ITESM)

·       Diploma in Agrevo Leadership Series (Business Administration)

·       Diploma Insecticide Resistance Management. COLPOS

·         Spanish (mother tongue)

·         English (fluent)

·         French (basic)


Gallup Strenghts Talent Finder

1.        Relator Individualization

2.         Strategic

3.        Learner

4.        Achiever Responsability

5.        Positive/ Analytic

Working Experience:


Training and Courses taken:


Bayer de México, S.A. de C.V.

BCS/ Bayer Environmental Science


November 2017 to date, Development and Technical Support Manager BES Mexico and PACA

·         Lead development Team in the Region, development and Technical Support Strategy.

·         Propose and activate Global development projects in the region

·         Provide Technical Support


May 2013 to October 2017, Sales Manager BES Mexico

·         Achieve sales and Financial Targets for BES Mexico.

·         Main Goals: Lead Sales Team and achieve effective team building process within all the group. Stablish short and long term commercial strategy for BES Division.

Main achievements:

·         Reorganize and build up new sales team in order to improve results.


Working Experience:


·         Develop and implement new DIS aligned to business and

·         strategic objectives.

·         Redesign distribution network to improve coverage and penetration

·         Sales increase in Private segments:


2006- to April 2013, Marketing Manager ES-PPC

·         Develop and activate Marketing Plan and Strategies for PPC Market in ES. Lead Marketing Team.

Main Achievements:

·         Launch Baypremium Loyalty Program

·         Build up Markteting/ Regulatory Team

·         Keep BES as Market Leader

·         Win Da Vinci global Award for Marketing Focus to Customers in 2011

·         Provide Development and Technical Business Support


2002-2006 ES Marketing and VC Manager

·         Develop and activate Marketing Plan for BES Division

·         Responsible for Vector Control (government) Market for Mexico. Relations with MoH authorities

·         Market Access Head to government market.

·         Lead both Marketing and VC teams.

·         Provide Development and Technical Business Support

Main achievements:

·         Keep market leadership in Professional and VC (Government) Markets. Achieve more than 70% MS in VC, 90% MS in SS and 35% in PPC. Achieve catalogation of Bayer portfolio in VC NOM


Aventis Cropscience Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

2000-2002 ES Marketing & Vector Control Manager

·         Responsible of Marketing Area for ES Division. Lobbing with MoH Authorities and access to government market

·         Lead Marketing and VC teams.

·         Develop Marketing Plan and Strategy and activate implementation

Main ahievements:

·         Launching of Deltagard in Mexico. Keep market leader position.

·         Achieve best Global Results in VC (government market) in 2000. Government 70%MS  and in SS segment 90% MS.

·         Being preferred supplier and develop a full collaboration

strategic bases on technical support and technology transfer.


AgrEvo Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.

1995-2000 Sector Manager Public Health & Hygiene. 


Responsible for Professional &Vector Control Products.

Business development of VC market.

R&D development of VC products in Mexico


Main achievements

Professional Products: strategy design and launch of Maxforce Gel in Mexico leading to be the number one selling Gel product in


Working Experience:


VC: Increase Critical Mass for ES Division by gaining access to Government Market.

Field Development Trials for Vector Control portfolio and listing in MoH list of approved products leading the company to absolute market leader in VC market MS 70%. Sales increase from 400 K USD to 2.0 mio USD

Agrevo Most Valuable Person Award in 1998

Agrevo Most Valuable Team Award in 1998.


Laboratorios Helios, S.A. de C.V

·         Product Manager Professional Products / Sectors

Responsible Product Manager and Development and Technical Support of Professional Business portfolio

Main accomplishments:

·         Market Development and launch of products portfolio comming from Welcome acquisition: Pybuthrin, Aqua Py, Aqua Reslin Super.

·         Perform Technical Development and Field trials with MoH that lead to catalogation of K-Othrine WP and K-Onets.

·         Technical Lobbing with MoH

·         Development of loyalty Program for PCO.


1991-1992 Marketing Assistant.

Main accomplishments:

·         Prepare and activate launching of 6 rodenticides from Bell Laboratories


·         1990-1991 Technical English translations of scientific protocols (freelance Syntex Laboratories.)

Private Practice

·         1989-1990 Private practice Small species. Albergues Caninos AC.

Social Service and clinical practices:

·         Veterinary Hospital.  Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y

Zootecnia FMVZ/ UNAM

Entomology and Toxicology

·         Diploma in Insecticide Resistance ( COLPOS/ Chapingo)

·         Top Gun Training (RTP/North Carolina)

·         General Insect Control (RTP/ North Carolina)

·         Termite University (RTP North Carolina)

·         Dengue and WNV Seminar (Agrevo)

·         Pesticide Management

·         Cockroaches ( taxonomy, biology and control)

·         Use of biological larvicides (Bti, Bs) (Valent)

·         Mosquitoes field training, efficacy trials adulticides &  larvicides (MoH)

·         Intoxication Therapy for Dogs (FMVZ) UNAM

·         Fumigants Management (Degesch)

·         Flies field training ( Fliegen 2017)


·         Marketing Excellence Program (Bayer)

·         Ashridge Marketing Academy

·         Competitive Marketing Plan

·         Nitche Marketing

Training and Courses taken:


·         Mercadotecnia a la Mexicana

Business Administration

AgrEvo Leadership series ( Business Administration)

·         Change Management: strategic concepts

·         Administration & Finances

·         Benchmarking

·         Orientation for Personal Leadership Styles

·         Corporate Finances I Y II,

·         Competitive Advantages



·         Gallup Great Manager Program

·         Personal Leadership Program (PLP)

·         Leading people and Teams (LPE)


Innovation and Project Management

·         SIT (Systematic Inventive thinking)

·         SIT Coach  module

·         Project Management  module


U Bay

·         Self Leadership

·         Leading people

·         Performance Administration

·         Enhancing performance and Feedback Culture

·         Managing Complexity

·         Feedback



·         How to become a Star Salesman

·         Strategic Negotiations with Focus on Sales

·         How to Sell Through Benefits

·         Key Account Management & Development

·         Negotiation course (Fliegen)


Equipment Management

·         Use of thermofogger Swingfog (Swingtec)

·         Use of ULV equipment Phoenix Fogger 18 HP (B&G)

·         Use of Power Sprayers for Termite application (B&G)



·         Office

·         SAP

·         Deltamaster

·         Excel Advanced level, Word & Power Point

·         FIW,

·         Data Warehouse

·         Outlook 98

·         Group Wise 5.0/5.1,

·         Office 97

·         Lotus 123

·         Harvard Graphics

·         Framework


Training and Courses taken:



·         Behind the Wheel Road Safety

·         Behind the Wheel Road Safety Monitor

·         Fire Fighter training emergency staff (Celanese 1991)



·         Diplomado en Infectología en Perros y Gatos

·         Profesorado en Ritmología y Cultura Árabe

·         20 Intensive Arabic Dance Seminars

·         Advanced  Scuba diving licence

·         Scuba Diving Trainner´s Licence Basic Level


Training and Courses Provided


26 years expertise in training and workshops for: :

·         Professional Pest Control Operators

·         Food Industry

·         Hospitality Industry

·         Stored Products Industry

·         Government institutions (SSA /CENAPRECE)

·         Distributors and customers

Main Topics

·         Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

·         IPM Rodents

·         IPM Flies Insects

·         IPM Roaches

·         IPM Mosquitoes

·         IPM Scorpions

·         IPM Stored Products Pests

·         IPM Ticks

·         IPM Fleas

·         IPM Spiders

·         IPM Termites

·         Application Techniques

·         Insecticides and Rodenticides formulations

·         Product Stewardship

·         Pesticides Impurities and its risks

·         FFAST technology, Space Spaying and droplet size

·         Urban pesticide classification

·         Urban pesticide toxicology

·         IPM in Food Industry

·         IPM in Hospitality

·         Bayer product portfolio training

Interests/Hobbies :

  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Scuba Diving ( Instructor Certificate CIMAS, Diver Certificate for 3 stars CMAS)
  • Martial Arts Kung Fu, Tai Chi
  • Arabic Dance (12 years training and Dancer Certification/ Ahmed Hussien, Egypt)
  • Jazz
  • Reading.
  • My dogs